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NUO-STEMS v3 software automatically converts your audio files to 4-part STEMs for Traktor Pro: drums, bass, melody, vocals using Machine Learning (AI).

See Review of 3.0

What's new in v3

  • demucs v4 – new, better & faster algorithm
  • GPU acceleration (Windows & Mac)
  • Instrumental & Acapella generation for usage in Serato/Rekordbox/Denon Prime/Other DJ software
  • completely new UI & UX
  • versatile settings
  • highly accurate beatgrid & hotcues transfer
  • much more – see review video ^_^

Settings versatility

  • choose between different algorithms
  • customise your output directory & rules
  • save .stem.m4a for Traktor Pro
  • save individual STEMS as .wav files (for use in other software)
  • save Instrumental & Acapella for usage in other DJ software (Serato/Rekordbox/Denon/etc)
  • select your STEMS colours for Traktor Pro
  • optional ALAC compression of .stem.m4a (instead of 256 AAC)
  • more – download demo & experience it yourself ^_^


.stem.m4a structure

STEM tracks consist of 4 parts: -drums -bass -other (melody, etc) -vocals

Machine Learning Power (AI)

NUO-STEMS is software which lets you convert your existing MP3/WAV/other tracks to STEM tracks which are used by Traktor Pro DJ software.
It uses "facebook demucs v4 & v3" under the hood.

Traktor Pro full compatibility

NUO-STEMS was designed specifically for Traktor Pro DJs.
You can convert your entire collection of audio files completely locally on your machine to .stem.m4a

GPU Acceleration (Windows & Mac)

*Available for NVIDIA CUDA video cards on Windows *M1/M2 or AMD GPU on Mac

Compatible with other DJ software

Export to Instrumental & Acapella for external usage

Mac OS & Windows

Available on both platforms

Use in your DAW

Export stems as separate .wav files (drums, bass, other, vocals) for usage in your favourite Digital Audio Workstation. Remix & create!

Metadata transfer

Original file metadata is transferred to the .stem.m4a / acapella / instrumental.
Including title, artist, album, etc.
(& artwork😊)

Demo Mode available

Try before you buy! Only 20 seconds (from the middle of the track) are processed

Any audio file

NUO-STEMS supports practically any audio file format. And if you find that it doesn't - it's going to be added in next update! Don't hesitate to contact support to request it!

Local conversion

Everything is converted locally on your computer. No need for cloud subscriptions. Process as many files as you want!

Custom output directory

Support for multiple options to define output folder for each file. Save to the same directory as input file / or match output folders structure intact to the input folder structure / or just save all the files to the same folder. You can also skip files that are already present in output directory

STEMS Colors

Change individual stem (e.g. drums) colours for all STEM files in your collection. This is especially useful when using Traktor S4 mk3 with color pads.

Hotcues & Beatgrid

“Traktor Utility” to transfer HotCues, BeatGrid, BPM, Musical Key, Rating, Title, Artist, Album, Genre, etc from original tracks to STEM versions (transfer is done using collection.nml - Traktor collection file)

Demo Mode available

Try before you buy! Only 20 seconds (from the middle of the track) are processed

Comparison to other software

How to play with STEMS using Traktor Pro

STEMS Effects Tutorials

Use STEMS with any controller

More videos coming soon...

Official Traktor Facebook page mentions


You can choose one of these options. For example, if you purchase perpetual license – you don’t need to subscribe to Patreon. Vice versa, if you are not yet ready to buy perpetual license – you can just subscribe to Patreon for $5 per month and get full access to NUO-STEMS. You are free to switch options any time.

Before purchase you MUST install Demo version to see if software works with your system specifications. There are cases when user’s PC specs are too low to run NUO-STEMS. There are no refunds after purchase, unless upon investigation by support it is a malfunction of the software.

$33.99 for perpetual license

Buy to get full access (unlimited) for v3.

v3 is a free upgrade for v2 users.


$5 per month​

Subscribe to Patreon for $5 per month to get full access to NUO-STEMS

Download (Demo included)

Digital download includes Demo-version which has the limitation to process only 20 sec of each track, starting from the middle of particular track. There are no other limitations. You can unlock full access by buying NUO-STEMS or subscribing on Patreon.

Latest Version: 3.0.0 (See changelog below if you want to download newest beta)

Mac OS 10.14+

If your Mac has 8GB of RAM – please make sure to close all other RAM-intensive applications (e.g. web-browser).

On Apple Silicon Macs – make sure you have Rosetta 2 installed – https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT211861

Windows 7+

Minimal requirements: 8 GB of RAM + swap increased in most cases (instructions). Make sure to install all the latest Windows updates.

Some Windows users might also need to install these updates for NUO-STEMS to work:

NUO-STEMS integrates these things to work:
– Machine Learning (AI) provided by Facebook Demucs v4 & v3 (https://github.com/facebookresearch/demucs)
– Native Instruments docs to bundle everything inside .stem.m4a file


The main communication channel is Facebook.

You can also find Facebook messenger button in the bottom right corner of this website



NUO-STEMS v2 is no longer available, but you can still check the page to see how it looked


NUO-STEMS v1 is no longer available, but you can still check the page to see how it looked